Where to begin?

What about with where I am?

Physically I'm a 28-year-old Norwegian girl currently with blue hair travelling in China. In 2015, I graduated from Griffith College in Dublin and I ended up with a bachelor in photography, YAY! So now, I'm trying to make it in this big world as a photographer.  It's not easy, but I'm just gonna keep up the good work and some beautiful day, birds are gonna sing, the leprechauns are gonna give me a kettle full of gold I'm gonna be a super-duper-famous photographer... wait and see.

Mentally I'm trying to fill my life with as much love and wonder as possible. Lately I've been working a lot with my self, and I've opened up so much, and really started to be... just me. Not trying to be anybody else or pretend to be someone I'm not. I'm me and I'm unique (as we all are!).

So this is my blog, and this is my story.


Ok, so I mentioned that I was in China, to be more precise, in Xi'an. As I'm writing this, I'm sitting at a McDonald's restaurant typing on my mac, drinking coffee and listening to a Chinese version of Beatles' "All you need is love."

...and I think I'm high on caffeine... No sleep does weird things to your body.

Anywho, I've been travelling for a week, the first three days I spent in Beijing. And what an amazing city! My impression of Beijing was that it was just so much pollution in the air that it was like smoking 10 cigarettes a day, at least that's what I've heard. I don't know if I was lucky, but the air felt clear and nice to me.

 It was easy being a tourist in Beijing. With a map, a translation app and some mandarin practice, everything just went my way. If you look touristy enough, someone will eventually come up to you and try and help. If I looked like a tourist, you ask? Indeed I did. With my pale skin, my 183 cm and 35kg backpack I kind of stood out like a Sherman tree on the beach, like a giraffe amongst ants, like a pink duck-faced Barbie on a Dimmu Borgir concert... yeah, you get the picture.

So I found my way from the airport, to the metro, to the hostel and dumped of my bag and got a few hours of sleep. At twilight, I was out in the streets again, this time only with my camera equipment. I went to the biggest shopping street in Beijing called Wangfajing Dajie. Here was the famous night-time street market, where they sold every kind of Chinese food from delicious "Dragon-balls" and Jidan Bing (Egg pancake) to fried starfish, spiders and snakes on a stick.

As I was standing in the street, filming the market from a distance, this guy came up to me and asked me about my camera and what I was doing. When I told him I was from Norway, he shouted: HYGGELIG Å MØTE DEG (pleased to meet you) and HVA HETERRR DU? (What's your name) in Norwegian. Didn't expect that!

Richard Li was an artist who also did Calligraphy and Calligraphy classes. He wanted to show me his work, so I joined him in his gallery. I was so lucky as to witness calligraphy-writing live.  I know how much practice it takes to learn that skill, so to watch him do it as easy as I'm typing on a computer, was just... wow!

Richard asked if I wanted him to write my name in Chinese characters. Boy, would I! So he did, and in addition, he blessed my life with happiness.

Thank you Richard for making my stay in Beijing even more interesting and eventful.

If you ever want to go to Beijing, and maybe take a calligraphy class, check out the link below: