A visit to The Forbidden City was on my schedule before I was to leave Beijing. I’d been passing the wall around the city several times and it was highly recommended as one of the must-see-things in China. Maybe my expectations were high, maybe I wasn’t able to appreciate the history and stuff, but I was kind of disappointed. The buildings and temples were beautiful, but you were not able to go inside, so everybody was gathered by the entrance of each temple, and trying to take a picture of a dimly lit room.. I didn’t bother. Instead, I was walking around the Forbidden City looking for cool stuff and funny people to take pictures of.

Half the Chinese population must have photographed me by now. To blend in with the crowd was really not an option, so I just had to deal with the fact that I felt like monkey in a zoo.
I sat down beside one of the temples to fix my camera, and at once, there were people standing in line to take a picture with me. Either a selfie or a group photo, or even placing their kid in my lap to take a picture of that. Most kids just sat there and looked at me like I was an alien.


I also took a trip to Behei Park. There were some beautiful temples there as well, and a special looking pagoda that you could spot from far away. Here people were dancing with colourful costumes, playing badminton or taking a ride in one of the riverboats that floated around in the river through the park.

Ah, I just love the guy in pink!

When it was time for me to leave, I went back to the hostel, got all my stuff and went to Beijing West Railway Station. The waitingroom was packed with Chinese people travelling with what seems like all their belongings. I found a good spot on the floor, got my diary from my backpack and wrote about my stay in China so far. I had experienced everything that I love about travelling: New and exciting culture, tasty food, friendly locals and other tourists, and not to mention beautiful surroundings and nature. 
I was used to people staring at me by now, but while I sat there at the railway station, I became aware of a curious gaze from a beautiful little girl next to me and her eyes was fixed on my camera. I picked it up and took some pictures of her. She then started to pose and afterwards she wanted to look at the photos. Cutest little diva ever.

After a few hours wait, I was on the train, in my bunk, ready for a 19 hour-long train ride.
Next stop Guilin.