For those saying that Chinese people are cold and unfriendly, go to China and experience a population which are both kind and peaceful. Maybe I was lucky, maybe I just met the right souls, but to travel around China, was easy because of their hospitality and warm hearts. After three days, I had made some new friends. They were either curious about foreigners and approached me to get to know me better or they just wanted to practice their English. Either way, I got a lot of help. A guy I met at the Metro station in Beijing, asked me where I was heading, I probably looked a little lost. I showed him my train ticket and he knew immediately where I should go. He took one of my bags and led me through the Metro and to the train station to show me the right line for the train to Guilin. When would that have happened in Norway? Like never.

In the beginning I was terrified that it was a hoax, that he was going to run away with my bag. “Nobody can be that nice” I thought while I held one of the straps just in case. It appears that I was the first foreigner he had ever talked to, and he just wanted me as a friend. I felt stupid for mistrusting the guy, he was just so innocently cute. My excuse: to trust someone like that in Europe, would be Borderline stupid!

Ok, so there I was, on the train in my cute little bed in my cute little compartment. On my way to Guilin, and so very curious what it would be like there. The reason I decided to go to Guilin in the first place was actually because of a detour I had to take last time I went to China, when I missed my flight to Zhengzhou (Coincidence? I don’t think so). I remember I saw the landscape from the airplane window, and I thought, “Wow, I’m definitely going back here some day.”

And there I was… And I thought it was green in Beijing. China-noob!

The biggest difference was the air; I felt it at once when I stumbled out of the train with all my stuff. It was so humid, by the time I got to the hostel, I was soaking wet.

I took a quick shower before I found a bus to Yangshuo County, one hour outside Guilin. Karst peaks surrounded the town and boarded on one side was the beautiful Li River. I regretted the choice of staying in Guilin, there was so much to see in Yangshuo. Because of the smog, my photography-heart was a tiny bit broken, but still, I enjoyed every second.