DAY 15 - 16, NPL

Day 15 – Expectations and disappointment

Masi, or Máze, a quiet, but charming place with a population of 250 people. Outside every house, I could see at least one snow mobile and an ATV. As I walked along the gravel road, two ATV’s passed me. The first one carried two guys, a dog and a container. The second one was driven by a woman who had one hand one the steering wheel and the other clutching her baby on her chest.

That’s how they roll in Masi.


To give my feet a break from the wet, I had chosen to walk on the old main road from Masi to Kautokeino. It was a gravel road from the 60’s: boring but easy, just what I wanted after a rough two weeks in the mountains.


It was a warm and humid day, so I was fighting a losing battle against the mosquito army. Just putting up the tent was enough for them to bite me 53 times. I wanted to wear my t-shirt, but the exposed skin drove the little bloodsuckers mad. SKIN! BLOOD! COME ON GUYS, ATTACK!!!

After 8 hours, I was quite desperate for it to be over. Exhausted tears were streaming down my face when I finally found a water I could camp by. Now that I’m pushing myself physically, repeating patterns becomes very visible to me. For instance, being disappointed when certain expectations are not met… I tend to easily focus on the negative instead of seeing what I have achieved.


Before I fell asleep, I prayed for a windy day.

Steps: 39998


Day 16 – Ask and you shall receive

Wind! Sweet, sweet wind. And a complete mosquito-free day for me, hallelujah!

It was a long walk, but an easy walk. However, Mr. Backpack had gained 6 kilos in Masi, so I had to bend down constantly to get the weight of my shoulders.

Nothing more to say about this day really… But my motivation is still going strong and I think chocolate is extremely delicious!


Steps: 37151