DAY 42 - 47, NPL

Day 42 - Gimme fuel

The night before, I had put up the tent a couple of kilometers away from the water-up-to-your-stomach-river people had warned me about. With some apprehension, I approached the monster river, but I got to the other side even without getting my knees wet. Gossip…


Some hours later, I had to fight my way through thick forest uphill and then downhill. Descending the mountain was the worst because of the rain. It didn't rain much, but enough to get all the branches and bushes wet, so my clothes were soaked through within minutes.

I felt drained and empty, like I had no energy, no fuel. In a towering temper, I reached the emergency hut I was heading for. Unfortunately, a couple of workers were doing maintenance on the hut, so I couldn’t spent the night there. Knowing it was another 13km to the next cabin, I decided not to walk another meter and put up the tent.

The workers, Anders and Eva, were real friendly. AND they gave me coffee and fruit. Sweet!

Simon and Kaja - 16 months <3

Steps: 31264


Day 43 - Empty

Once I started walking, it stopped raining. A good sign. The terrain was quite boring, so I listened to Harry Potter while walking through forest and mashes, until I arrived the Sami village Vaisaluokta. It wasn’t as exciting as I though it would be, just a bunch of houses located at the foot of a mountain.

&nbsp;Boring, but with a certain beauty  

 Boring, but with a certain beauty 

I noticed I had some signal for the first time in forever, so I called my boyfriend. It gave me more energy than food and chocolate, so after, I climbed the mountain with ease. After that, it was kilometer after kilometer with rocks to get passed. Concentrating on not stumbling or stepping on loose stones, took what I had of energy though, so when I reached the emergency hut Kårsåjaure, I was finished.

The hut had been newly renovated, so the smell of paint was quite intense. But I didn’t care. It was dry, and I was content.

Steps: 35337


Day 44 - Låddejåkka lovelies 

Still empty.

After only 20 min of walking, I was tired and hungry. My plan was to reach the village of Låddejåkkå, but that was still 24km away.

I prayed for strength and for a solution. I needed more food. And I wanted company. I also prayed for help to turn my head around. Because everything I looked at, was through a very black filter.

I then settled for reaching Kutjaure cabin, to take a rest and to get shelter from the bad weather. The warm smile of Peter, the cabin warden met me in the door and he invited me in for a cup of coffee.

A swedish family from Luleå were also there, eating breakfast. At first, I was questioned about my long journey, and then they fed me with everything they had: bacon, freshly baked bread, butter, jam and crackers. Two elderly women sat in the room as well, and they gave me a soup I could bring. I felt so taken care of by all these people, I was so touched.

When I left, Peter told me I looked like a new person. And I felt like one. I felt strong and full of energy, and to reach Låddejåkkå was not only possible, but perfectly easy.

5 hours later, I could take off my wet socks and shoes, and find an empty room to settle in. I then went in to the common area of the cabin to make myself some food.


This is where I met Mette and Martin. Two friends from Netherlands whom I felt a connection with at once. We talked and ate and later we were joined by Viki, a lovely girl from Lithuania. I had the most enjoyable evening in a long time. We were all happy for each other’s company, and I went to bed with a smile.


I prayed for a solution, and look what I got. A full stomach (a first in almost 10 days) and the most wonderful companionship I could ever hope for.

Steps: 33443


Day 45 - Company

Mette and Martin, who were heading south as well, suggested that we could hike together towards Staloluokta. A suggestion I was only too happy to agree to.

After saying goodbye to Viki, we were back on the trail. While walking, we were constantly talking, discussing spirituality, life views and music.


They had done a lot of voluntary work. I got really excited about it, thinking if I don't get a job as a travelling photographer straight away, I could sign up and then have the means to keep travelling and blogging.

Nothing is written in stone, but suddenly a world of opportunities opened up to me, and I was thrilled.


In the evening, we found a beautiful spot to put up our tent, right next to a little pond and with a spectacular view. I was almost crying of happiness seeing my tent with two others. We ate dinner together by the small water before going into our separate tents.


Just knowing I was not alone, made me feel safe and secure, and for once, I fell asleep almost immediately.

Steps: 31491

Day 46 - Parting of the ways

In the morning, Mette, Martin and I reached the Sami village Staloluokta. Here, they had a small shop, Parfas Kiosk, where we could buy some necessities (read: chocolate) before heading on.


One 1km later, the path split, Mette and Martin were heading in the direction of Kvikkjokk, me towards the Norwegian border. I was sad to see them go, but eager to reach Norway.


The weather could have been better. When I reached Sårjåsjaure, I decided to spend the night there. Even though it was expensive, I needed a fireplace and a bed. I was absolutely exhausted.

The cabin warden Mats was a friendly man. He invited me into his room for some coffee, bread and fish. A perfect ending to a very long day.

Steps: 32033


Day 47 - Victory! 

I Started the day in Mats' company. He wanted to hike in the mountains, so the first 6 km, we walked together. Before going our separate ways, we sat down for a short coffee break, looking at the rainbow while enjoying our hot beverage and a piece of chocolate.


I ate lunch in the Norwegian cabin Sorjus with a French pair, Michelle and Marcus, who were spending the night in the cabin. We had a nice talk before I continued my hike. Looking back at the cabin, I was momentarily stunned by the beautiful view.


It was tempting to stay in Sorjus, because of the howling wind, but eager as I was to reach Sulitjelma, I continued. It was a rocky and snowy road ahead, steep and wet. But beautiful, so beautiful. When I finally saw the cabin Ny-Sulitjelma I cried.


Because of all the rumors and because of all the challenges I have faced, to get to Sulitjelma was something I had been looking forward to for a very long time.

... Snow, and more snow  

... Snow, and more snow 

I almost ran down to the cabin. Running water, electricity and a warm bed was waiting for me.


I did it! I fucking did it!

Steps: 35967